About Us

Yes, we are the Antenna Specialists!
Is that all, I hear you ask?
Absolutely not! Just call us and find out we not only install antennas, we pride ourselves on
superiority in customer service in all areas of procedure, from Antenna and Home Theatre
Installations to wall-mounting TVs, Plasma, LCD, and yes, even hidden cables. 
We have trained staff to meet your every requirement in Home Theatre Installation. 
With a single phone call, we can arrange a no obligation quote that will demonstrate that our quality
workmanship and customer care are second to none. 
Complete setup for TV antennas, home theatre and accessories, extra phone connections – they
are all part and parcel of our complete customer care. 
Why call us?
Simply because we:
• Offer no obligation quotes 
• Have a fast, hassle-free service
• Are one of Australia’s largest antenna installation services
• Give free quotes online or from just a phone call
• Have an extensive array of services to suit your home or office
• Are friendly and expert, specialising in small or large-scale projects 
Our full range of TV antennas will suit all digital transmissions. We can help with installing new
antennas or repair your existing antenna – just watch us! 
Our experienced technicians are able to display their workmanship in home theatre installation by
mounting your flat-screen, LCD or Plasma TV, and all hidden cables, components and accessories,
creating a clean finish to the project. 
You may already have an antenna but are receiving dreadful reception – it could be time for repairs
or even a replacement – call us!
Don’t understand the difference between analogue and digital; or you’re too busy to find out? Just
call us and we will tailor your TV requirements to enhance your reception specifically for your home
in your locality. 
I’m not getting any picture on my new flat-screen panel; what can I do? 
Firstly, check if the satellite or cable menu is visible on the screen. If you can observe it, that means
your TV is working just fine. If not, the problem may unfortunately be your new TV. 
Are you into a dedicated home theatre where you can enjoy just watching a DVD at home on a
Friday night? Well, if a theatre room is your solution, we can help with all the installation required.
So, give us a call for that no obligation quote – you’ll be pleasantly surprised
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Wall mounted  Plasma,s and LCD