Would you believe your security is important?

And would you believe you can have high definition CCTV when you need it most? In turn, you certainly can have the confidence of a high definition CCTV camera system that will provide you with the highest quality vision for when you need it most.

This will then ensure your business premises are covered exactly the way you want. Firstly, though, you need to take a little time in planning.

You should ask some pertinent questions about exactly what security you need to ensure you can have access to the correct CCTV system that is right for you. But remember, your CCTV system is only as good as its weakest component, and this is where we come in.

We can show you the benefits of establishing CCTV security in your premises, and we can demonstrate to you the numerous aspects and elements that make CCTV not only useful, but even invaluable to your business. If you consider all the advantages, you will realise that CCTV is a system that every business should have.

Most CCTV systems carry their own DIY installation instructions. However, if you feel a little daunted in running video and power cables through your premises, we can provide your business with an assurance that our specially trained technicians will solve and fit a CCTV device to suit your specific needs.

Taking into consideration the services of high definition surveillance over analogue CCTV, there are ten advantages we will check out for you.

  1. Resolution
  2. Analytics
  3. Remote Access
  4. Wireless
  5. Scalability
  6. Redundancy
  7. Power-over-Ethernet
  8. Hybrid
  9. Ease of use
  10. Less degradation of image playback

In conclusion, the benefits of having CCTV fitted to your establishment by us can achieve an effective deterrent of criminal intent; decreases liability claims; and increases staff morale by decreasing the fear of crime.


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CCTV Camera Systems – A Competent Way In Obtaining Security

Due to the increasing number of crimes, people nowadays are concerned about their security and safety. Nobody wants to be the next victim of a robbery. The good news is that, people will no longer have to worry about trespassers because CCTV has been introduced for a better security. High definition CCTVs are available all over the world. Most offices and households have cameras installed to capture every movement perfectly.

Getting Closer With CCTV Camera Systems

Closed Circuit Television is used for transmitting Video Signals. The Main Purpose is to prevent crime, identify people who are in the area, provide surveillance and monitoring of an area. Nowadays, it comes with either IP cameras or Dome Cameras, depending on the signal transmission's angle. CCTV system consists of 3 components: The camera, storage or recording device and the monitor. These equipments connect along with wireless signals or coaxial cables, which carry the images for recording and viewing.

Helpful for Investigative Purposes: With the pressures and insecurities surrounding us, there are happenings, which are beyond your control. With these CCTV Cameras Systems, you will be able to combat these moments of uncertainties and insecurities in life.

All Activities Are Tracked: The best thing about this system is they keep track on every activity that is happening in detail. These technologies are excellent innovations meant to safeguard one's life as it has sharp eyes that are capable to see every motion, which we fail to observe by our naked eyes.

Offer Foolproof Safety: CCTV Camera systems can be used anywhere. There are wireless systems today that are used by watching over different areas, like offices, airports, casinos, convenience stores, banks, and areas where there are public traffics.

Who We Are?

Antenna Specialist is a security system provider and integrator of a wide variety of reliable and high quality security products for different applications and budgets. As the leading company, we are constantly updating and bringing only the most advanced models to market. Our security products are used in government sectors, commercial, retail, and industrial to prevent crimes and thefts, as well as, to protect the life of the people, information and property.

What Do You Expect From Us?

Whether it's your business or home, we have the heart and mind to care about your security and safety. We’ve got thousands of deals and each offer you nothing but the best CCTV kits only at reasonable prices. For us, there is no big or small project. We are not only good at selling, but we also have a 24/7 technical team to support your needs. We have already experienced different situations and clients, so we can greatly deal with customized solutions based on your specific needs.

Antenna Specialist employs unlimited CCTV footage that gives you the best security needs.


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