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Professional Phone Line & Data Cable Installation in Melbourne


Greetings, and welcome to your ‘Antenna Specialist’ … thank you for taking the time to visit us! 
With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we pride ourselves in having qualified technicians
offering first class, fast service in all facets of:
• Pre wiring

• Phone and Data communications
• Data Cabling
• Ethernet
• Pay TV cabling
• Home Network


We constantly provide unrivalled services in accordance with the needs of each of our clients. With
this in mind, ‘Antenna Specialist’ has grown from strength to strength, providing a comprehensive
range of your phone and expert data services.
So, why not call us?
Are you pushed to the limit because of your wireless connection continually dropping out? How
about your smart TV … is it performing to your expectations?
Why not achieve that convenient place to plug in your modem? Or perhaps you require a phone
point in your bedroom? Feel free to give us a call … we can help!
Then again, are you distressed about normal TV reception problems?
We can provide one or more data outlets to your home or business giving you the freedom of fast
reliable internet and networking.
Also, if you require phone cabling, we can provide one or more phone outlet to your home or
business. Call us and we will send our fully experienced technician over to survey your premises
and give a detailed review of what needs to be completed.
We believe smart cabling should be installed into every home today. The amount of phones and
faxes hardwired into a home or business is falling dramatically. With this in mind, there is an
increase of network devices being released into the market and being installed into premises.
Before, a building would have one desktop PC. However, it is now common to observe multiple
PC’s and laptops, gaming consoles, internet phones (VOIP), network printers and much more. In
turn, these types of products require a high-speed data network integrated with high-grade TV
cabling to recognised standards.
We can install a Digital quality cable from your antenna to one or more TV outlets whether an
original or an existing spot, with a new, specialised Digital Wall Plate.
Perhaps your home theatre setup is giving you some hiccups?
Maybe you need some advice?We can have a qualified technician visit your location and give a professional opinion about all your
communication problems. So, do yourself a favour and call the professionals at Antenna Specialist.