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TV wall mounting & Home Theatre Installations                                  

Specialising in LCD and Plasma mounting throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area.

One of the greatest advancements of the late 20th early 21st Century has to be in the world of Television, with the advent of Plasma and LCD panels.

Not only do they offer a slimmer cabinet, they also provide the consumer with a superior picture quality and are extremely energy efficient.

As they become cheaper, their popularity grows to such an extent that customers continually prefer to have a TV wall mount rather than the traditional stand etc.

Initially wall brackets were just bolted to the wall and once mounted the television was unable to be moved.

Nowadays brackets can tilt up and down, swing out from the wall, can be moved sideways and go into the corner of the room. Our technicians are highly trained and are able to locate the Plasma or LCD mounting on any wall to suit our customers’ needs.

No one wants to look at unsightly cables hanging down from their television. Our Technicians ensure the cabling is hidden so the only thing you or your friends are looking at is the Television. A large percentage of our work including Plasma/LCD mounting and home theatre installations comes from recommendations from our Melbourne base of satisfied customers.


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